narrow [adj1] confined, restricted attenuated, circumscribed, close, compressed, confining, constricted, contracted, cramped, definite, determinate, exclusive, exiguous, fine, fixed, incapacious, limited, linear, meager, near, paltry, pent, pinched, precarious, precise, scant, scanty, select, set, shrunken, slender, slim, small, spare, strait, taper, tapered, tapering, thin, threadlike, tight; concepts 554,773 —Ant. broad, generous, liberal, unconfined, unrestricted, wide narrow [adj2] intolerant, small-minded biased, bigoted, conservative, conventional, dogmatic, hidebound, illiberal, inexorable, inflexible, narrow-minded, obdurate, parochial, partial, prejudiced, reactionary; concepts 403,542 —Ant. accepting, broad-minded, liberal, tolerant narrow [adj3] cheap, stingy avaricious, close, mean, mercenary, scrimpy*, tight*, ungenerous; concept 334 —Ant. generous, spendthrift, wasting narrow [v] reduce, simplify circumscribe, constrict, contract, diminish, limit, taper, tighten; concepts 130,236,247 —Ant. broaden, complicate, expand, increase, intensify

New thesaurus. 2014.


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